I’m bursting with excitement and joy! After almost one and a half years of intensive work, my first book has now been published! As you can see in the video above I am a little short of words! The feelings simply go crazy…

All my adventurous experiences in Namibia and South Africa have flowed into this incredibly important heart project. I am so happy to finally be able to share everything with you! Intense felt Africa, extraordinary wildlife encounters, backgrounds to safari, volunteer work, hunting and poaching. Simply, about life and survival there. Written as close, honestly and personally as I could. In addition many impressive photos and further bonus material! Just have a look! The book is available in all bookstores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Otherwise it is of course also available online.


The official book description:

“Deep in southern Africa, in the midst of breathtaking landscapes, where cheetahs clean his head, meerkats bite his Achilles tendon and he meets a black rhino on foot, Sebastian Hilpert experiences adventures he never could have imagined. He had been a soldier for twelve years and in the end had distanced himself so far from himself that he plunged into a depression. The path of spiritual healing leads him to orphaned cats of prey in the Kalahari and on to a rhino sanctuary in South Africa, where the Rhino War, the war for the last rhinos, rages mercilessly. As a volunteer he takes care of orphaned and injured animals, raises caracals and rhinos with a bottle and learns first-hand about the harshness of nature as well as the unscrupulousness of poachers. Later he travels as a photographer through the impressive vastness of Namibia and works as a gamekeeper in a wildlife reserve. A book full of commitment and adventure in almost untouched nature and at the same time a story of inner growth that reminds us of the responsibility we bear: towards the living creatures of this earth and ourselves”.