An atmospheric, short personal video with fascinating landscape and animal shots from Namibia.

Our biodiversity is impressive, fascinating and wonderful. But in order to preserve it further, it must be strongly and above all actively protected in many parts of the world. Without this protection it is simply not possible anymore. Within a very short time, many species would be exterminated by the destruction of habitats and poaching. But nature and species conservation is also multifaceted. Research, serious conservation organisations, reception stations and private wildlife reserves are just a few examples.

In August and September 2017 I accompanied my friend Louis in his work as a gamekeeper on one of these huge private game reserves. Wildlife management and anti-wild patrols in the Namibian bush – that was our daily work. This stay was my most intensive time in Africa so far. Neither my stays as a photographer on safari, nor as a volunteer at various wildlife sanctuaries have kept me so busy.

In August 2018 I travelled again to Namibia. Of course I also visited Louis again. This time only two weeks, but together with my brother Alex. Who made these wonderful film shoots of us during this time. We are watching on patrol, the impressive Namibian landscape and wildlife. I hope the short video that came out of it can show you a little why I feel so magically attracted to this country.

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